February 9, 16

Grove yourself to health & dynamism!!

Ancient Indian scriptures & even science says-fitter the body higher is the energy level& calmer is the mind. Consequently you are happier than usual. Working out, doingstretches yoga & any kind of fitness activity releases dopamine in our body because of which we tend to be happier. A healthy body isn’t just a body devoid of diseases, aches & pains. ... Read More »

Most popular Sedan Cars in India 2015


Demand for sedans cars have increase in recent times with people want more luggage space for long trips with family. The availability of strong diesel models has accounted for growth in this segment and most of the automobile makers are giving importance to sedans. Some of the most popular sedan cars with both petrol and diesel engines in India during ... Read More »

What makes L shaped kitchen hot these days?


Kitchen is indeed an integral part of every house and most of the time of ladies is usually spent there. In an effort to provide tasty and mouthwatering food to family members, ladies love to cook food and feel contented in doing so. With so much importance to mark to its name, the kitchen is the place of the house ... Read More »

How India is Being Versatile About Car Valuation Industry


Car is a vehicle that offers not only comfort travel but is also held as the status icon. This is the reason that all of us cherish the idea of owning a car or upgrading to a new and improved model. The finesse in the comfort catering and technology is constantly improving and this further adds to the car buying; ... Read More »

Ellen DeGeneres Is Really Into Home Design—Here Are Her Top Tips

Who knew? Ellen DeGeneres isn’t just an affable talk-show host and beloved comedian. She’s also an extremely prolific home designer and house flipper, as shown in her new book, “Home.” “I wanted to be an interior designer when I was 13,” DeGeneres admits in her book—which explains why, over the past 25 years, she has bought and renovated nearly a dozen homes. Each ... Read More »

These 8 Lamps Are Some of the Tackiest You’ll Ever See

Lamps aren’t only the way we illuminate a room; they can shed light on our personalities, too. The perfect pendant or floor lamp can add just the right touch to your home’s decor, underlining whether your sensibilities are more industrial or rustic. And then there are these lamps and lighting fixtures, which pretty much identify their owners as completely lacking in ... Read More »

You’re Saying It Wrong (and 7 Other Myths We Debunk)

New Orleans might be one of the most beloved, most despised, and least understood cities in America, all rolled into one. Love it? You probably think every day is Mardi Gras, when hand grenade–swilling locals party on Bourbon Street. Despise it? See the above—plus, you probably think it’s America’s most dangerous city, just waiting to separate unsuspecting tourists from their beloved fanny ... Read More »

6 Ways to Uncover the Truth About Your New Home—Before It’s Too Late

  You set up appointments to visit your potential new home more times than you can count (you’re secretly wondering if your agent is going to change her number). You did so many drive-bys, your would-be neighbors are getting nervous. You took endless video of every room inside, and you measured all the spaces so you can start doing some late-night obsessive-compulsive furniture shopping. ... Read More »